Starting from November 8th 2023, Parking Enforcement Services will monitor Fraser Cove Shopping Centre. This new parking enforcement system will streamline parking procedures which will see improved accessibility and enhanced safety.

Shoppers will have access to

  • 1,250 outdoor parking spaces
  • Up to 180 minutes free parking for shoppers
  • Overnight paid parking options which are also available to those who wish to stay longer than 3 hours.

The parking enforcement will aim to

  • Improve Accessibility: to ensure designated accessible spaces are available for those who need them.
  • Enhance Safety. Minimise vehicles parking on footpaths and pedestrian walkways
  • Provide easy access: Designated employee parking zones, aiming to open up customer parking

Tickets may be issued to vehicles that do not comply with Parking Enforcement Services’ terms and conditions. For terms and conditions see the Parking Enforcement Services website HERE

Click HERE to appeal your breach notice.