Opening Information – Orange Light

We are now in Orange Light in The Bay of Plenty. This means that all stores, eateries and services at Fraser Cove remain open.

Under the new Covid-19 Protection Framework, stores may have new processes in place to ensure they are operating safely and within government regulations.
This may include checking vaccine certificates and limiting the number of customers allowed inside their premises at any given time.

Vaccination Certificates:
Some stores at Fraser Cove may choose to make vaccination certificates a condition of entry. This will be clearly displayed on their storefront.

If you have any questions about which stores will be requiring vaccine certificates, please contact them directly. Store phone numbers are available on our store directory here.

Reminder: essential services will remain open to everyone and will not require vaccination certificates. 

Face Masks:
At Orange Light, you must wear a face-covering in retail outlets and pharmacies. We strongly encourage you to wear a face-covering everywhere else.

Friendly Reminders:
Fraser Cove Shopping Centre will continue to provide a sanitary destination for you to complete all of your shopping at Orange Light, by adhering to Government regulations and having regular cleaning procedures in place.

When visiting Fraser Cove Shopping Centre, we ask that you also adhere to Orange Light guidelines by:

  • Wearing a face covering
  • Staying home if you are sick
  • Washing and sanitising hands frequently
  • Practicing safe coughing and sneezing etiquette
  • Checking into Fraser Cove Shopping Centre stores using the COVID Tracer App

Above all else, remember to be kind to one another. We look forward to seeing you at Fraser Cove Shopping Center.


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