1. By participating in the ice skating event, each entrant will be deemed to have accepted these terms and conditions and to have agreed to be bound by them.
  2. Ice skating is free upon presentation of a receipt of purchase at Fraser Cove Shopping Centre with a minimum value of $5 per skater. The receipt may only be used once for entry.
  3. One group can get free entry to the rink by presenting a single receipt to the value of $5 per person, or by presenting multiple receipts that add up to this amount.
  4. Entry onto the rink is not refundable – this is a free event.
  5. Ice Skate Tour staff will not accept cash in exchange for entry onto the rink, only receipts from Fraser Cove Shopping Centre.
  6. The skaters and spectators agree to adhere to all Health & Safety instructions given by Ice Skate Tour staff. This includes listening to staff and wearing all safety equipment provided correctly.
  7. Ice Skate Tour staff will allow a limited number of skaters onto the rink at any given time – waiting periods may occur.
  8. All health & safety management of the ice skating event is the responsibility of Ice Skate Tour.
  9. NZ Retail Property Group and Ice Skate Tour are not liable for any direct or indirect injury, loss or expense resulting from entry onto the ice skating rink. No correspondence will be entered into.
  10. Entry onto rink is at your own risk
  11. No shoes to be worn on the rink, only ice skates
  12. No food and drink on the rink
  13. Photos may be taken for promotional purposes
  14. The ice skate rink is artificial