Ice Skating at Fraser Cove

Get Your Skates On!

Chill with a thrill and get active these school holidays at Fraser Cove Shopping Centre’s Ice Skating Rink.

Ice Skate Tour are bringing their state of the art, artificial ice rink to Fraser Cove, with 97% same gliding capacity as natural ice.

Free* Entry!

*Simply spend $5 per person at one of our Fraser Cove stores and get free entry into the ice rink.

For example, a group of 5 needs to spend $25 to get free entry – this can be on one receipt, or across multiple receipts.

Including at least 30 minutes worth of skating and equipment.


Wednesday 7th of October: 10am – 5pm

Thursday 8th of October: 10am – 5pm

Friday 9th of October: 10am – 5pm

Saturday 10th of October: 10am – 5pm

Sunday 11th of October: 10am – 5pm

Located in the carpark near World’s End Bar & Restaurant

Read ice skating terms and conditions HERE


What are your smallest skates? Size 9/10 which is normally for a 4 year old child
What are your biggest skates? Size 13 mens
Is there an age restriction for kids? No as long as they fit our smallest pair of skates
Do I have to join my kids on the rink? You don’t have to however keep in mind there is no one from our end to assist them. We only get on if there is an accident or injury.
Are there any frames to hold on to? We will have some chairs on the rink for kids (or adults) to assist with their balance.
Can I go on the rink with shoes? No ice skates only. We do have the option of shoe covers however that’s only for adults to assist special needs.
Can a wheel chair go on the rink? Absolutely, we might just ask you to clean the wheels before you go on. As long as the wheel chair doesn’t leave any marks than all good.
Can I bring my own helmet and gloves? Yes that’s fine as long as the gloves fully cover the fingers.
Can I use my own skates? Yes you can however we might want to check them and have the right to refuse them.
Is it cold on the ice rink? No we use artificial ice so no need to bring warm jackets or beanies.
What do I need to bring? We recommend to bring long and thick socks for more comfort in the skates and a bottle of water.


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